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Noraz Poets Grand Slam @ Orpheum


Vote for Paul Benefit Show @ 111

Vote for Paul benefit show @ Studio 111
Be there or be square!

More Gossip???

I tried to save it till May. You know, do this like a once-a-month thing, but it’s Springtime and it is beautiful and windy and there is less clothing being worn and school is wrapping up and it is wonderful. So what do I decide to do? Stay inside, write a column for Flagstaff’s premiere internet presence: Robothouse dot org!

So here’s this:

If you weren’t sure it was Springtime, you can always tell by the amount of hippies milling around the front of Macy’s European Coffee Bistro, and this weekend there were a lot. If Fox News was there, they would’ve called it a riot.

Speaking of Macy’s, can someone please tell Tim Macy that his photos are embarrassing, if not insulting and trite? Am I being too harsh? Okay, if I am, then who likes them? They must be selling, because I saw he put more up. But, judging from the prices, I bet the people buying are the business owners that support putting fake snow on Snowbowl; in other words, the same folks that think they can obtain the level of peace depicted in Macy’s photos from ignoring and downplaying the beliefs and concerns of Native Americans and environmentalists over and over again. Maybe if people stopped posing for the damn things, then he’d just do high contrast landscapes and save us from the didactic sentiment, or at least stick to children. You can’t get bummed at pictures of children. Unless they’re naked, and selling clothing. Then you can be bummed.

And if we’re discussing art, what about Beaver Street Gallery? Stories about this guy have been circulating since he opened up shop back in the early aughts. The one time I went in there was for Andrew Hayes’ fabulous show way back when, and I mean, I’d like to complain more, but they had free wine and cheese, and well, you just can’t complain about that. I bet that guy’s all for fake snow.

But it turns out that all the stories I heard about this guy are due to folks like Tim Macy and their “good ol’ boy” mentality of “locals only, man.” Like Point Break.

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Applesauce Tea House: Haiku Deathmatch

Poets drink tea and perform japanese style poetry: the concise and beautiful haiku! All ages event sponsored by NORAZpoets. Free

Grounded @ 111

Grounded, Splitting Aces, No purchase Necessary @ Studio 111

Monte V as a drunken debacle

4/13/06 @ Monte Vista Hotel
Shindaggers and Black Eyes & Neckties.
The Shindaggers made a flyer and said that anyone can play an instrument. Looks like that was right. The Pay N Take crowd was high in numbers, as apparently folks from the band hang out there. Then a band from Bellingham Wa took the stage. What is up with Black Eyes & Neckties? Well, why don’t you take a look:


Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, Josh is back in town. Yeah Whiskey.

Video Obscura April 18

Black Eyes and Neckties @ MonteV

Black Eyes and Neckties, The Shindaggers and One Day Elliot @ The MonteV Lounge 10pm FREE +21 Cheap Drinks!

Evilsarus Rex, Dracolich @ Dirty Steve’s

Exactly, it should be fun, as they say.

April 11 Kendrick House Show Review

April 11 2006


@Kendrick House

Show Review

So I was a bit late, as I was mourning the death of D12’s Proof, or at least, looking on the internet to find out if he was indeed dead. I think that he is. I also found out, that morning, that my undergraduate advisor, Dr. Val Avery had also passed away. So I was also mourning her, if drinking a tall boy of Tecate and Myspacing out can be called that. She was a fantastic lady. Proof, was a fan of Jerry Garcia and was a fine rapper.

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