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Monthly Archive for June, 2006

Two Widely Available DVDs with Bullets on the Design

Let’s face it: movie reviews in this city suck. I’m not just talking about Nicki Esquedero here. The movie reviewers don’t seem to enjoy movies very much. I don’t know. There seems to be a serious lack of soul, or even a fundamental love of movies that seems required to take the time to put down words about them. At any rate, I thought I’d throw out a few recommendations from time to time. Not that these will be any better, but it is an attempt. Good luck to me. Here’s a couple. Continue reading ‘Two Widely Available DVDs with Bullets on the Design’

Dan Deacon Baby Gecko RDP @ Pete’s Palace

OMG! It’s Dan Deacon and Baby GEcko and Red Dress Press @ Pete’s house! It’s gonnabe CRAZY!!! It’s gonna be WEDNESDAY! WOAHHHH! Flyer coming soon, and if you don’t know where Pete’s house is, then get hip quick!


Woah. This is awesome. Craigslist, a FREE and awesome self-run non-corporate classifieds community has expanded to include an area for the Flagstaff/Sedona locale. Check it out: http://flagstaff.craigslist.org/

Did you know Wednesday is Solstice?

It’s true!
Check out this show @ Pete’s House on wednesday… if you don’t know where it is, just axe somebooday! Also, you can thank me later for the awesome animated gif!

Creosote @ Kendrick Hauz

-Drunken Boat
-Andrew Jackson Jihad (<3) -B.S.O.M.

The Can Kickers, Pine Hill Haints, & Craig Brown @ Dirty Steve’s

The Can Kickers (they kick cans!)
The Pine Hill Haints (they pine hills!)
Craig Brown (he browns craigs!)

House show, all ages, 7-10pm
June, 13 2006 at Dirty Steve’s
Cost: Donations!!!


*Monster Dudes
*Strength to Endure.

So come early… bring $$ for bands and merch.
It’s going to be amazing.


Local HEAVAY HITTAS JETOMI & Meanface rock a show at the DARKEST club in Flagstaff’s existance: WILDMAN’S 111… which used to be shan dan’s 111, jeremy’s 111, ray’s 111, etc etc… fuck it all, I’ll be there ot check out the $1,000,000,000 soundsystem. Oh yeah, some RELAPSE bands are playing too! Get on that, dawg! The flyer is fitting if anything…

Dead Beats @ MonteV

Dead Beats@ MonteV June 3rd. Hip Hop from SLC featuring a dude who is Taryn’s brother!06_06_03.jpg