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No Flyers

Ok, If you’re looking for the updates, check out the CALENDAR and if you wanna look at old flyers, chezck this out. Don’t worry, we’ll be getting more up in time… -Ray

Upcoming Upcomers:


We’re First
November 10th @ Monte Vista w/ IceAge Cobra, JETOMI
December 8th @ Modified (tentavely titled: Reggae Meltdown Six) w/ Treasure Mammal, Soft Shoulder
December 9th @ Tucson House Shew w/ Treasure Mammal


October 28th @ Dracholich Halloween Extravaganza
November 7th @ Cottage w/ 400 Blows, Glass & Ashes, The Fucking Wrath (7-10 pm)


October 20th @ Springhill House w/Warfair? and Smells Like Drunk (7-10pm)

Other Shows

November 6th @ Dutchess Manor Matt & Kim w/ (tentatively) Soft Shoulder (7-10) has been moved to DECEMBER 7th (all details but the date are the same). Don’t be confused.
October 21st @ Monte Vista Chief Beef
October 22nd @ Cottage Black Elk, Dracholich, Ashtarosh (Ash isn’t even in this band, isn’t that crazy?)

October 28th ZOMBIE PROM @ Mogollon

More info as it arrives and errors corrected regularly. Check Back!

Coming Into Fall, The Politics of Beer Fests and Whatever

Coming Into Fall is not the new lame ass band playing at 111 this weekend, it’s what’s going on right now. I know because I spent two days in the woods last Continue reading ‘Coming Into Fall, The Politics of Beer Fests and Whatever’

Jetomi & Dracolich @ Azure’s Practice Pad

October 28th @ Dracholich Halloween Extravaganza:
This will be Metal as fuck. Last time Jetomi played here, they created their own literal cloud cover in the Garage!

L80’s Nite @ The Mogollon

Wed. Oct. 25th @ the Mogollon- L80’s nite.. it’s the weekly dance/80’s/booty shakin party night.

A taste of the Equinox

Bobby rented a vortex for the weekend and we recorded some of it’s effects. This video shows a slice of the fest, including Eaten By Ants, Robothouse: Bacon Lettuce Tomato, Smells Like Drunk, and Jetomi. Featuring everyone’s favorite Bollywood DJ, Marty Maaar and J.O.S.H.

Blankets & The Swim @ Duchess Manor

Blankets are Prescott based smart rock.
The Swim are Tucson based ex Life In Pictures
bring three live ducks.
7pm sharp….

It’s at the Duchess Manor, which you gotta find!

I’ll give you a hint, it’s in Flagstaff. Doiey!

Flagstaff Autunal Equinox Festival @ Zen Inn


Pants Machine & Craig Brown @ MonteV

Catch Alan Singley, Pants Machine, & Craig Brown at the V on Saturday Sept 23rd.

Flagstaff Autunal Equinox Festival @ Zen Inn


Flagstaff Autunal Equinox Festival @ Zen Inn