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Landlord, TROB, AE @ Springhill House’s Last Show

Another one bites the dust…
@ drunk ‘o clock.
Runs on Blood
Pat Tillman

Disco Party @ Mogollon +21

Emtron & Digimar will be spinnin disco @ the Mogollon.

Is It A Smooth Summer or a Hot Summer?

It’s both! Check out what’s happenin….
Saturday June 30th @ Macy’s around 7pm:
This will probably be the hippest show to hit Flagstaff for the next year or so. Don’t miss out!
Also, it’s gossip summer!

  • Did the GITEM gang task force stop the Orpheum from doing a rap show?
  • Really Smoooooth music @ the MonteV coming this July?
  • Are the Greenhouse Production boyz still butthurt about some punk houseshow bratz?
  • Could there be any more ‘metalcore’ shows in Flagstaff?

All this and more… coming soon never!

Showbot & Elton Don Johnson @ Mogollon


you should come and dance and sing.

starts around 9 or 10.

Abe Vigoda & John Thill @ Macy’s

Abe Vigoda
John Thill

Get a Double House and chill.

It’ll be sweeeet.


Adam Frumhoff @ Macy’s

BirdFur, Mid-Summer’s Night @ Decimal Point

solstice, mid-summer’s night, thursday, june 21st
@The DECiMAL POiNT… actually the back yard.
be there around five/six/seven, until after one of the shortest nights fall. the long twilight is an elegant mascarade. dress nice and wear a mask, like, over your eyes or something. ‘bird fur’ is playing there last show in flag, and they’ve asked ‘awesome oscelot’ to join them.
i’m hoping DETEK ALARMS will play. there plane from germany got stuck over the rockies?
there will be a tiki bar
bring drink, nosh, and/or donations.
happy last day of spring and first day of the last summer.
— po pe pe dro dja

There was a show at my house!

Here’s the new podcast. Killer Dreamer and one of Anomic Suicide’s last shows. (God, I hope they record before they disband.) We’ll be doing more shows at our house every so often, as this last one, which was never supposed to happen was way more fun and less stress than a marathon of Scrubs.

Also: if you’ve got writing, info, etc you want on here, send it to Ray and he’ll hook it up. Submit your doody or this site will move as slowly as we do. Which is cool with me.

Also: if you’re interested, Ray and my band put a new vid up on our website. It’s got the same cheesy Imovie effecs this one does. Even more of them.

Summer’s goin good so far. I hope yours is too.

Creosote 7″ release show with Landlord & Aunti Entity @ Springhill House

Thursday June 14th at the Springhill house
CREOSOTE (melodic anarcha crust punk)
LANDLORD (sludgy goodness)
AUNTIE ENTITY (bringin the dance core to the crusties)

BBQ AND KEG AND KEG starts @ 6:00ish