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Yellow Bike Launch @ NAU « robothouse

Yellow Bike Launch @ NAU

The Yellow Bike program is launching on October 1st. We are going to have a critical mass on campus to help kick off the program!

The critical mass (aka M.O.B. aka Mass of Bikes for people familiar with Society of Environmental Communicators) will be taking place Monday, October 1st at 12:30 pm – meeting in front of the school of comm. We will ride around campus a few times, and then have people slowly peel off and leave the yellow bikes around in various spots on campus.

We need about 50 people to go to building 77A (waaaay south on campus see the map) to pick up the yellow bikes and ride them to the comm bldg at 12 pm. Please message me if you can help with this via facebook or at met57@nau.edu

You don’t need to ride a yellow bike to participate, but we do need 50 people to be on yellow bikes. The more people on bikes we have, the better!

Thanks :)

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