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Salem + Isobel « robothouse

Salem + Isobel

Salem + Isobel is the incarnation of what a band should be. They combine the piercing screams and blood curdling howls of Tony, the low brutal growls and hammerlike barks of Mikey, the machinegun snare and thumping kickdrum of Shan, the booming thunder of Adam’s bass, and the chainsaw brilliance of Bryce’s guitar. Then they blend it all together in a tight, well put together projectile, and fire it out of a giant gun made entirely of pure awesomeness. Channeling so much energy from the stage into the crowd, anyone witnessing their incredible stage show needs to worry about spontaneous combustion! Those in the first few rows will experience an overwhelming feeling, as the are literally hit in the face with a solid haymaker of perfect music. With breakdowns so intense, arms are ripped from sockets and heads explode, and blastbeats so fast that they cripple horses, anyone pregnant or nursing is advised to stand near the back of the room, as music like this is known to cause birth defects. Anyone not preggers should have them selves checked as soon as possible after the show. These guys are so fertile, even men in the crowd might get knocked up! It has been reported that after a show in Las Vegas, a man gave birth to twins!

Salem and Isobel

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