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Zombeast « robothouse


Horror ain’t ever felt so sweet.

Zombeast started in August of 2005. 4 guys raised on Danzig, Horror movies, Zombies, and Alcohol set forward to make their ideal band. J. Zombie (guitar) and Beauy Von (Drums) had been trying to get a band going all year. After trying out countless singers and bassit’s they had pretty much given up all hope of finding the key elements to complete the line up. At the same time Mario (vocals) and Bryan (bass) had suffered the demise of their band. After meeting Bryan at a show, J. Zombie set out to get Bryan to play bass at all costs. After much convincing by J. Zombie to have Bryan come down from Flagstaff to Phoenix to jam with two complete strangers Bryan finally made the 2 hour trek. After jamming 3 original songs and some Misfits covers Bryan said he knew somebody who could sing.. And he made the phone call to Mario. That very next weekend both Bryan and Mario came down for practice and Zombeast was born.


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